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I was born in Sheboygan Wisconsin.  My life’s journey into painting began as a small girl.  My sister was always reading and I was always drawing.  I studied fine art at the University of WI, but I feel my real training began when I moved to Seattle WA and met my mentor Ron Lukas who taught in the Russian Impressionist Tradition.  While in the Northwest I met William F. Reese and his wife Fran.

Over a lifelong friendship I consider Bill to be one of the main art influences and mentors of my development as a painter.

After 12 years painting in Washington State, I moved with my husband, artist Doug Diehl and our three children to Phoenix AZ.  We joke that we moved from “rust to dust”, “moss to Hoss”.  I have definitely had the experience of many different types of landscape to paint.  I love to travel to the ocean and paint the beaches and coast lands and to the mountains in the autumn and winter.  I love to paint in Wisconsin when I go home to visit my family.  Deciding which motif is my favorite is virtually impossible, I am even beginning to love painting the desert.  When I am not painting the landscape I paint still life and figures.  I love to put it all together in compositions that contain figures in their environment.

Somewhere along the way I discovered that I love to teach.  I feel it is an honor to pass along the information and knowledge I have gained through my mentors, peers and plain hard work.  My workshops include: landscape painting, still life, head study, the color boot camp and the design boot camp and a class I call Capturing warm and cool light in your painting.  I teach three workshops a year at the Scottsdale Artist School.  I have also had the opportunity to take a few trips abroad to teach including China and Tuscany.




Light is my inspiration: the way it sneaks through a shutter, creates a silhouette against the sky, or sparkles off the sand illuminating folks on the beach.

Warm and cool color relationships, mood-setting value patterns and compositional considerations are the artistic combinations that express my love affair with light and paint.  I consider paintings visual communication.  No words need to be spoken.  I am saying with paint, “This is what I have seen and felt,” and the viewer acknowledges that yes, they too have seen or would love to see and experience such a thing.

I paint for the common man.  Not common as in ordinary, rather common as in what we all share, the humanness shall we say of the collective whole.  Big ideas such as motherhood, the glory of a new day offering new possibilities, solitude, friendship, the passing of the seasons, are all concepts that I am continually exploring through paint.  I believe these notions comprise the glue that binds us together and speaks to our hearts and souls while we engage in this enlightening and entertaining human experience.  In these times we find much to divide us.  I am more interested in exploring the things and experiences that belong to us all.  I am an optimist who paints from a place of joy and hope to bring a little of that into the lives of those who view my work.

I show my work in several Fine galleries throughout the mid and northwest (see galleries on my home page).  I also show in many shows throughout the year including the prestigious miniature show at Settlers West Gallery.

In 2008 I had the honor of hanging a one woman exhibition at the Charles Allis Museum in Milwaukee Wisconsin.  I have won several awards when I chose to paint competitively including first place at the Door County plein air festival in Wisconsin.











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