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Born in 1969 in Livingston, Montana, Valerie's interest in art began in early childhood when her Mother, Patricia and Grandmother, Helen, introduced her to the creative process. While she showed promise both in painting and illustration both during and throughout her high school years, Valerie pursued a more "practical" education and obtained degrees in Public Relations and Advertising from Northern Arizona University in 1992.


After several unfulfilling years in a corporate environment in Phoenix, Valerie realized her childhood passion for art was as strong as ever and returned to school to pursue a Master's degree in Fine Art at Arizona State University -where she was accepted by her peers despite the fact that she didn't have an undergraduate art degree. After just over a year at ASU, she found that the academic definition of art and her definition of art were totally at odds with each other. By breaking away from the academic "tradition," Valerie was able to to develop a unique style based entirely on the influences and mentors she chose.


After a few more years in Arizona, Valerie and her husband decided it was time for a change - which is what brought her to Taos, New Mexico.  After spending five years studying and painting in Taos, Valerie and her family decided it was time for another change, and relocated to Boulder, Colorado where she now resides with her husband, Kelly, son Bryce and daughter Maisey. She is currently represented by the Meadowlark Gallery in in Billings, Montana, Paradise Gallery in Gardiner, Montana and the La Posada de Santa Fe Resort and Spa in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Valerie believes in being a perpetual student, reading about or studying with other well-established artists when she can, and painting and sketching outdoors (or in the studio) on a regular basis. She and her Mother, Patricia show and paint (mostly plein-aire) together as often as they can manage. On several occasions, the two have participated in 3-generation shows with Valerie's Grandmother, Helen.




"Taos was just the motivation that I needed as a painter. Within a 30-mile radius, you can paint high desert, alpine meadows, lush riparian areas, farmland and ancient adobes. The color palette of the Taos area is unlike any that I've seen, and it's a constant source of inspiration for me. Although I paint a variety of subjects, I tend to favor the huge skies and captivating landscapes that remind me of my home town of Livingston, Montana."


Valerie Amon is a Boulder, Colorado based painter who specializes in figurative, wildlife and landscape artwork in an impressionistic style. Her work has been appearing in prestigious national juried exihibitions including the Oil Painters of America, Salon International and Americian Impressionist Society (among others) since 2002. Valerie has received numerous regional and national awards and has been featured in print publications such as Southwest Art and television programs including the Food Network's "Food Nation" with Bobby Flay.


Valerie has done a wide variety of commission work - from portraits of children, adults and family pets to children's book illustrations and large murals. She can work equally well from a sitting or photograph in the event an in-person/on site meeting cannot be arranged. Valerie can produce finished works in as little as a week depending on the scale and requirements of the project.











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